The BULLSEYE Pickleball Skills Challenge from PICKLRZ is an ongoing, nationwide competition for individuals and states that addresses 4 core pickleball skills…Serving, Serve Return, Drop Shot and Dinking.

For each skill challenge, you are awarded points when you hit rectangular targets (40″ x 60″) from different positions on the court. And your points are combined with other players’ points from your state to determine your state’s score.

Scores will be tracked for each skill, as well as an overall score.


  1. Each challenge utilizes a “Best Out of 10” format when aiming at each target. So, you’ll need at least 10 pickleballs. You can either round them up from your stash or from members of your group. You can also get them from our gear shop.
  2. Each challenge utilizes multiple, 40″ x 60″ targets. You can simply use painter’s tape to map out each target. (You can get real industrious and buy 1 or more 40″ x 60″ foam core boards from your local craft shop, like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. They’re about $10 each and are super easy to reposition for each challenge. Plus, you can tell when a pickleball hits them because the ball doesn’t bounce).
  3. A ball machine would be ideal for the serve return, drop shot and dinking challenges, because it maintains consistency. But it’s not necessary. A person can serve as a ball machine for those challenges.

Score Reporting

After you complete a skill challenge, just submit your score below. We’ll update the Leaderboard with your score as soon as possible.


Scores will be tracked on the PICKLRZ website on the BULLSEYE leaderboard. You can track your scores, and see how you compare to other players across the nation. A score for each core skill challenge will be kept, along with an overall score.


Because we have no way of ensuring nationwide consistency and because we’re relying on you to report honest and accurate scores for each challenge, we have no fair way to offer any prizes.

Hopefully, individual self-satisfaction and fulfillment of your competitive juices will suffice. At the very least, we’ll be encouraging the core skills that make you a better pickleball player.


We encourage you to create videos of your group completing each challenge. We have no idea of what you’ll come up with, but we look forward to seeing them. They will certainly serve as encouragement for others to participate.

Just post them on Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll share them on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

Skill Challenge Descriptions

Below are descriptions of each core skill challenge.


40 Points

Time: Each player gets 10 minutes to complete the challenge. The player should serve a ball every 15 seconds.

Serve Return

160 Points

Time: Ball should be released from the machine every 10 seconds.

Drop Shot

160 Points

Time: Ball should be released from the machine every 10 seconds.


40 Points

Time: Ball will be released from the machine every 5 seconds.

Local Signup [For St. Louis, MO Residents]

  • When: Sunday, March 20, 2022; 8:00 AM – 1:00 AM ( 1 hour time slots available)
  • Where: Schroeder Park, 359 Old Meramec Station Rd, Manchester, MO
  • Pickleball Skill: SERVING
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