Buy One Pickleball Paddle Get Five Cheetah Pickleballs for FREE

Every time you buy a pickleball paddle for $100 or more, you get five Cheetah M45 pickleballs for FREE! Or, you can save 50% off a package of 10 Cheetah pickleballs.

Just add a pack of 5 or 10 Cheetah pickleballs to your cart, along with your paddle, and enter the coupon code BOGO when you check out.

This includes all paddles from Gearbox, Paddletek, Diadem and Cheetah.

Be sure to checkout the NEW Gearbox CX14E and CX14H…these paddles change everything.

All paddles are shipped for FREE. We charge a flat rate of $3.99 for 5 balls and $4.99 for 10.

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