New Cheetah Predion E16 Pickleball Paddle

The Cheetah™ Predion E16 pickleball paddle is a beast!

We included the most sought after features of top-performing pickleball paddles and created a paddle like no other.

The Predion™ is elongated, giving you extra reach and more power. It’s thick, giving the paddle superb stability. And it has a carbon fiber facing, giving you optimal control over your shots.

But one of the most differentiating features of the Predion is its grip circumference. The grip is the only connection you have with your paddle. Being able to comfortably hold the paddle in your hand is vital to your performance. And we know that a lot of players are using paddles with grips that are too small for their hands.

If your grip circumference is too small, you have to grip it hard to keep it from twisting in your hand when you hit a ball.

The grip circumference of the Predion is a whopping 4.5 inches, making it the perfect grip size for people with medium-large to large hands. It allows you to grip the paddle softly, like you’re supposed to, and minimizes a lot of unforced errors.

A suitable grip can also help prevent lateral epicondylitis (tennis or pickleball elbow), which can be aggravated by the activation of your forearm muscles when you grip your paddle too hard.

There are two ways to determine what grip circumference you need, the Ruler Test and the Index Finger Test.

Ruler Test

To measure your grip size using the ruler test, first place the fingers of your paddle hand together, then align a ruler’s edge with the bottom horizontal crease of your palm. Next, measure to the tip of your ring finger. This measurement is your grip size.

Index Finger Test

To measure your grip size using the index finger test, hold your paddle in your hitting hand. Place the index finger of your non-hitting hand in the space between your ring finger and palm. If there’s not enough room to fit your finger in this space, the grip is too small. Conversely, if there’s a large gap between your index finger and the ring finger and palm of your hitting hand, the grip is too big.

Ultimately, you want the index finger to fit snugly between the ring finger and palm of your hitting hand, with little or no space between. This will give you the most comfortable and secure grip.

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