PICKLRZ Launches the Pickleball Skill Level Assessment Tool

We developed the free Pickleball Skill Level Assessment Tool (SLAT) using the skill areas and criteria provided by the USA Pickleball Association.

In reality, you need to meet every criteria within a level (3.0-5.0) in order to be at that level. The SLAT focuses on the eight different skill areas separately, determines your skill level in each and calculates an average. We’re all better in some areas and worse in others, so it seems more logical to do it this way.

The SLAT is rather accurate, as long as you’re completely honest with yourself and your pickleball abilities. The overall rating it gives you may be spot on in some situations and more forgiving in others because of the way it determines your skill level. At the very least, the SLAT will give you a better understanding of the pickleball skill areas and what you need to do to increase your rating.