PICKLRZ Launches Find Pickleball Courts Tool

With almost 7,000 pickleball venues having more than 12,000 indoor courts and 14,000 outdoor courts, the FREE Find Pickleball Courts Tool will help you find places to play in your area.

Just pick a state, select as many cities as you want and voila!

You’ll be presented with the area’s pickleball venues, the number of indoor and outdoor courts they have and their street addresses.

And if you know of a venue that we haven’t listed, or if you’d like to edit a listing, just use the interactive tool below the table. There’s no need to login.

It’s a great tool if you’re just starting to play pickleball and have no idea where you can play. It’s also great for experienced players looking for new places to play in areas you’re visiting.

So give the Find Pickleball Courts Tool a try!