PICKLRZ Launches Pickleball for Chapters

Fraternity and sorority chapters are always looking for ways to increase funding for house improvements and activities. PICKLRZ has figured out a way to meet this need with the Pickleball for Chapters program.

Here’s how it works!

A representative from your fraternity or sorority registers your chapter using the Pickleball for Chapters Tool.

We then create a donation code based on the information submitted. The code is emailed to your representative, so he or she can share it with the rest of the chapter members, alumni and other friends and family members.

After someone uses that donation code when they purchase pickleball equipment from PICKLRZ, we send your chapter a donation equal to 10% of the purchase. Donations will be sent on a quarterly basis and checks will be made out to the name of the fraternity or sorority chapter. In addition, we’ll add $100 to your account for every chapter you refer to us. They just need to enter your code upon signup and process at least one transaction using the code we give them.

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America. Both young and old enjoy the sport. It’s fun, it’s easy to play, and it has a strong social aspect. It’s very inexpensive to get into, and there are plenty of places to play, both indoor and out.

So register your chapter today!

Please contact us with any questions.