PICKLRZ Pickleball Gear Rewards Program

Get enrolled in the PICKLRZ Pickleball Gear Rewards Program!

Save 5% on every purchase and earn 5% from other peoples’ purchases when they use your personal coupon code to save 5%.

We give you a personal coupon code that you share with your friends through email, social media or in person. Your coupon code can be used multiple times and does not expire.

We also setup a reloable, digital gift card for you. (If your enrollment in this program is as a result of your initial purchase of $100 or more from PICKLRZ, we’ll seed your digital gift card with $5.)

You’ll then have the opportunity to generate savings for yourself, and save your friends money on their purchases of pickleball gear.

When people use your code to buy something from our gear shop, they get 5% off their purchase, and you get 5% of the purchase amount added to your digital gift card. (If you choose to use the code for your own purchases, you’ll receive the 5% discount, but you won’t get the additional 5% added to your gift card.)

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