PICKLRZ Pickleball Gear Rewards Program

PICKLRZ is a dealer for pickleball paddles, balls, backpacks and shirts.

After making a purchase at PICKLRZ for $25 or more (not including shipping and tax), you’ll be enrolled into the PICKLRZ Pickleball Gear Rewards Program. We’ll setup a reloable, digital gift card for you and seed it with $5.

You’ll then get the opportunity to generate savings for yourself, and save your friends money on their purchases of pickleball paddles, balls, bags and shirts.

We give you a personal, lifetime coupon code that you share with your friends through email, social media or in person. Your coupon code can be used multiple times and does not expire.

When people use your code to buy something from our gear shop, they get 5% off their purchase, and you get 5% of the purchase amount added to your digital gift card. (If you choose to use the code for your own purchases, you’ll receive the 5% discount, but you won’t get the additional 5% added to your gift card.)

PICKLRZ carries pickleball paddles from Gearbox, Paddletek and ONIX. You can filter our paddle selection by weight, shape, grip length, grip circumference, core material, facing material, thickness and price, allowing you to drill down to the perfect pickleball paddle for you. We even have a Power and Control Rating System that allows you to quickly identify the best paddle for your game.

We also offer indoor and outdoor pickleballs from ONIX and Dura Fast, as well as pickleball backpacks from Gearbox and ONIX. And we just started carrying very unique, sweat-wicking pickleball shirts that can be personalized with your name and favorite number.

Please contact us with any questions and have fun out there!