Gearbox CX11Q Power Pickleball Paddle – 8.5 oz


The All New CX11 collection delivers a premium feel and sound, greater spin, a larger sweet spot, added torsion control and improved consistency of the face. These new paddles feel so amazing, we simply had to call it our Feels So Good Technology.

These various performance improvements were achieved by taking our SST Patent to new heights, adding 3K woven carbon fiber and a reimagined construction.

The CX11 series is built with a 3K woven carbon fiber face and a T-700 carbon fiber ribbed core. The addition of 3K woven carbon fiber has improved overall playability and reduces vibration feedback to the hand giving this line a superb solid feel.

In addition, the new 3K enhances Gearbox’s Hyper-Bite Spin Technology. Gone are the days of adding more texture to a paddles surface to achieve spin, rather Gearbox achieves spin starting from the core and building out to the paddle face. Our #1 SST ribbed core allows the paddle to achieve maximum bite on the ball throughout the swing, further increasing the spin velocity of the ball. In addition, our almost 200 hand-laid 3K woven carbon fiber and T-700 unidirectional sublayers increase the paddle’s Hyper-Bite spin overtime.

Further, the paddle’s entire edgeless perimeter has been reinforced with additional plies of 3K carbon fiber material with special attention to the top corners, improving overall strength and durability. The paddle’s consistency, from paddle center to edge, has been upgraded by reallocating and redirecting hundreds of sublayers of material. This change also gives the CX11 paddle a larger sweet spot.

The CX11 utilizes our thinner 11mm aerodynamic profile, which cuts through the air allowing you to hit the ball with more force. The thin profile also increases maneuverability, which in turn helps increase spin and better ball placement

The Quad shape offers our largest sweet spot. This paddle is ideal for players seeking a controlled ball drive with speed and quickness.

The Power Series, our patented SST ribbed core returns energy back to the ball with a higher speed velocity.

The New CX11 Quad Power has more pop, is agile and excellent for players with a more aggressive game style or those wanting more power behind their swing.

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